This is the ultimate programme if you want a transformation. You and I work closely together to ensure everything is working for you and I tweak and update your programme as your body starts to change and your health improves. This is a powerful programme and requires your commitment for a minimum of 3 months. We need the 3 months to ensure your new healthy habits are engrained and your mindset is set for success.

I am pleased with the progress I am making towards my target weight loss - 22lbs shed to date - and getting compliments from people at work and strangers alike (which I am not used to!).

Martin Oliver

How it works

We start the process with an application form. I personally review all the applications. It is vital to me that I am confident of your success on my programme. We will be working very closely together for 3 months so a good match is obligatory.

Of the applications I receive, I normally arrange a phone call with about 30% of the applicants. We discuss your goals, issues and personal life. If at the end of the conversation we are both confident of your success then we move onto your coaching programme with a questionnaire and the endocrine and gut health tests.

coaching mentality

If you would like to apply for a place on the coaching programme then click below to pay your deposit and complete your application form

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I can only work with 5 people a month so it may be a while before we can start to work together. We start by completing your hormone and gut health tests so that I can tailor a diet plan that will suit you. This is a high-level commitment from both you and me. You will log everything you eat, through our app. I will check your food diary for your macro-balances on a daily basis. We will also have weekly conversations and monthly meetings where possible.

I will tweak your food and exercise plans as your body changes shape and as you progress. I will also set you mindfulness and exercise goals and tasks.

This option is all about accountability and monitoring your progress as well as offering support every step of the way. This level of support and oversight is not for everyone as it requires dedication. It is worth noting that no one on this programme has ever failed to reach their goals.

Your investment for the tests and personalized diet plan is £1225. Victoria asks for a minimum commitment of 3 months for the one-to-one support programme to ensure you can see truly drastic changes in your body shape. The 3-month support package is an investment of £2475. If you would like to apply for the programme I ask for a £100 deposit - this will be refunded in full if your application is unsuccessful. Else it goes towards your programme investment.

Daily tracking

Every day you simply log everything that you eat and do into our app so that I can monitor your progress and help you if things get tricky.

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3 month commitment

We will work together every day for 3 months to ensure you succeed.

After 3 months

If you would like to continue the support and accountability after three months you can either commit to another 3 months or continue on a month by month basis at £975 per month

Client area

As part of the coaching programme, you have exclusive access to the client area where I post videos, webinars, hypnosis recordings and all of the tools that will ensure you succeed.


We will speak at the same time every week so that I can coach you through your life-enhancing mindset changes as well as support you with diet and exercise advice.

If you would like to apply for a place on the coaching programme then click below to pay your deposit and complete your application form

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