Terms and Conditions

NuBeginnings Terms & Conditions

Do I need to pay the full amount of my invoice in advance?

Yes. Payment is taken in advance as the laboratory in Germany has to be paid in full prior to receiving the results. Many hours of preparation work go into preparing your diet plan, mindfulness programme, exercise guidelines and personal growth plan. Hence your investment in the programme is non-refundable.


What happens if I need to take a break during my 3-month programme?

If possible, NuBeginnings will put your programme on hold for up to 6 months to allow for any unforeseen problems or circumstances.
Your 3-month programme must be completed within 12 months of the original invoice date.


Can I extend my coaching programme if I wish?

As long as we have availability, then yes, we can extend your coaching programme on a month by month basis for £975 a month.


What if I need to cancel my programme?

No refunds are available so cancelling your programme results in the loss of your investment.


What if your coach is unable to honour your booking?

In the highly unlikely event that we need to cancel your programme, we will give you as much notice as possible and either provide you with a full refund for any unused portion of your programme or transfer your programme to an alternative coach if you are happy to do so.


What guarantees are offered by NuBeginnings?

NuBeginnings provides you with an individual diet plan based entirely on your lab results and current age, health, weight and height. NuBeginnings will support you by overseeing your adherence to the diet plan, providing training plans, mindfulness exercises and personal growth strategies. NuBeginnings is not a medical facility and does not represent medical advice. Please consult your doctor about any lifestyle changes suggested. NuBeginnings recommends working with a personal trainer to ensure your training plans are suitable for you.


NuBeginnings coaching is an investment – is it worth it?

Yes. NuBeginnings coaching offers great value for money as we are offering to work with you on a one to one basis to end your struggle with your relationship with food. If you take part in the programme and give it 100% then, with our support, you will succeed. We only run the coaching programme with a maximum of 10 clients per coach ensuring you have excellent personal support and attention.


What if I don’t like my personal plan?

Then we change it so that you can stick to it. As long as you understand that there is no magic bullet that will allow you to transform your life without making any effort then you will get great results.


Is my personal data protected?

Yes. We will only use the personal information you provide to us to enable us to provide the services that we offer or to inform you about similar services which we provide unless you tell us that you do not want to receive this information.


We will not pass your personal details to third parties without your express permission unless required by law to do so.
Are there any other rules?

It is important that the needs and wellbeing of both clients and employees are respected. Therefore, in exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to ask a client to leave the programme. In particular, we do not tolerate discriminatory, rude or other inappropriate behaviours from or towards our staff or other clients.


If a client is asked to leave they will be given a full refund for the remainder of their programme?

If you have to cancel your scheduled appointment with your coach they will try to find a suitable time to arrange a catch-up call. If you give less than 24hours notice of a cancellation then rescheduling is likely to be very difficult.