The Diet

The Diet

Imagine a diet that makes you feel amazing. Where your energy levels are up, you love the food you are eating and your body is burning fat faster and more easily than you could have dreamt of.

The Diet that is entirely tailored to you…

Your body is a complicated series of interconnected systems. In order to turn your body into a seriously efficient fat burning machine, we need to know exactly where your body systems are starting from.
If your hormone levels are all over the place, then no amount of telling yourself to leave the chocolate alone is going to work.
If your gut health is compromised then your body is going to find burning fat really difficult. Plus a whole load of other nasties that we can deal with.

Your Starting Point:

An extensive test kit to assess exactly where your body is in terms of your endocrine health and gut health. Our laboratory in Germany will process your samples and send all of your results directly to me for interpretation.
Your hormone (endocrine) profile includes all the information we need to know to get your body back into balance including your cortisol levels for a stress assessment. Cortisol is a hormone that can scupper even the most determined dieter.
The test uses your saliva taken at various points during the day to assess your hormone profile. 
Your gut health is assessed via a stool sample sent to the lab. Only recently has the health of your gut been linked to weight loss, your physical health and even your mental health. Once we know where you are with your gut health we can bring you back into balance and turn your body into an effective fat burning machine. 
I will provide you with a basic outline of how to interpret your results and what you can do to bring your body into balance.
Investment of £597 for the tests.
gut and hormone tests in lab

Invest in the gut & hormone tests here for £597!

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personalised diet

Tests with a personalised diet plan:

It’s all well and good working out where your body is at right now. What you want is to turn your body into a really effective fat burning machine. That’s where I come in with my diet plan.
I use your results along with information from you and create a diet plan for you. Entirely based on your goals, the foods you like to eat and the results of your tests.
With this plan I include a full month’s access to the client area so that you have all the tools you need to get started on your road to success.
Investment of £725 for the tests and your own personal diet plan with one month’s access to the private client area.

Buy your test + personalised diet plan here for £725!

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The Most effective way:

We all tend to do better when we have some support in making changes to our life. So why not let me help and support you along the way? My most effective plan includes all of the above PLUS 3 months of personal coaching and oversight from me.