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What do you do when you have the information you need but you’re not sure how to apply it to your life or how it’s going to make a difference to you?

You come to my workshop so I can help you. At the workshop, I can work with you personally to tailor the programme to your needs. Come and meet me and let me help you reach that breakthrough moment where suddenly it all becomes clear and easy.

The Workshop is ideal for anyone who has read my book and wants to work through the ideas with me in person.

I am so pleased with the progress I am making towards my target weight loss - 22lbs shed to date - and getting compliments from people at work and strangers alike (which I am not used to!).

Martin Oliver

Join Victoria Wills this June in London, for her ‘5 Pillars to Weight Loss Success’ Workshop

This transformative workshop is an interactive experience where you work with Victoria personally to make your transformation so much easier than you imagine…

The day is designed for people who have read Victoria’s book and will cover the ideas she shares in her book. She will then work through exercises (that’s mind exercises rather than a workout) with you so that you have everything you need to succeed:


Tried everything else?

Most people have tried all the usual diets and weight loss options and still not achieved the results they want. If you have too and you have read my book and just need a little help in making those changes, then join me and let me help you to succeed.


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Amazing value

During our time together I will work with your personally to address the areas that you might need some help with. I will make sure to have some laboratory test kits available on the day if you would like to get your personal hormone or gut health profile tests done.

It will be a challenging and rewarding day together and I guarantee you will make some new friends along the way.

Where: London

June's “5 Pillars To Weight Lost Success” will take place at High Road House, Chiswick, London. This exclusive members-only venue is ideally located for those travelling from London and beyond. (The venue is subject to change but will remain local)


When – Saturday June 2nd 2018

January 2nd 2018, this is my only scheduled London event. I only work with small groups to ensure that you receive the best experience in my workshops. This means that places are limited to ONLY 20 PEOPLE.

Time – 13:00 - 17:00

The workshop will commence at 1pm on the day. There’s lots to cover and I want to make sure you succeed, so it will be a prompt start.

Book your seat for the Workshop here for £97 (special offer):

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